London to Dubai – Day 38

Today is going to be a bording post because we spent it on the plane. Her it goes. Our alarm went off at 0315. This sucked because we only went to be at midnight. Rhian hates being woken up period. Neverlone after just a few hours. Always makes for a plesant start to the day. We showered and got ourselves organised. After checking three times we had everything we locked the suitcases. We prebooked a transfer to the airport from the hotel. Rhian was sick of carrying her suitcase up and down stairs at the train station so we paid $80 AUD for the transfer.

Once we arrived at the airport we checked inn our bags at the baggage drop then proceeded upstairs to security. Again my carry on bag got pulled aside at security. This time it was because I left the nazel spray in the bag and not in the clear plastic bags. It was only 30ml and so was under the limit. Either way I got my bag emptied and everything swiped for drugs. Came back clean.

After getting my carry on bag repacked we headed through the terminal. Nothing special here is just the same old duty free stores . Rhian had a wonder through Harrods but didn’t buy anything. We found a small cafe for breakfast. A Mocha and crumpet. After breakfast we wondered around a bit more waiting for the terminal screen to tell us what gate our flight would be at. Three minutes after it was meant to it updated and told us our gate was open at gate 9. This was good mean we didn’t have too far to walk.

We had good seats on this flight. Only a few rows from the front door of the plane on the bottom deck. I got the window seat and because of the curve at the front of the plane I had extra room on the left next to the window. After take off my ears played up and the whole words started spinning again. It lasted for about 10 – 15 minutes. I think it is because I got a little bit of a cold back over the last couple of days. Either way things settled down. After breakfast was served. Which sucked. I ended up eating some of it but soon as I was done I fell asleep for a couple hours. The rest of the flight I was still a little bit dopey. Wasn’t until the last couple of hours of the flight I watched anything on the TV.

We landed twenty minutes early. After landing we had to get a lift downstairs then a train to another terminal or building. It took at least half an hour or more for our bags to come out to the baggage claim. Ours were some of the last. We walked through the terminal and went through immergration. Was painless experience. We also walked through customs no issues there either. I found the desk from who I wanted to get the SIM card for the tablet from. However they said it would take an hour or more to reboot the computer so I left it. We got some local currency out of an ATM and then found our desk where they would arrange our hotel tranfer. However right next to it was another local mobile company and I asked them about a local sim. For only $40 AUD I got the simcard and 1GB of data. Should be enough for the week. After switching the sim card over they setup the tablet to work on the network. Mobile data before we even left the airport. I was happy.

By now our hotel transfer was ready. They lead us through the terminal and to a waiting car. All the cars over here are nice. You do not see a shitbox on the road over here. Ii was about half an hour to get to our hotel. We had a nice driver who seemed Indian but spoke english. He told us all the buildings and places we were passing on the way. We arrived at our hotel and this time it was booked under my name. Actually had on the hotel paperwork Mr Rzepecki and party :P. we got checked in and a porter brought our bags to the room. This is only a three star hotel. I knew less meant more in Dubai

After settling into the room we went downstairs to the bar and grill. I had a few Heineken and Rhian finally had a few drinks too. She was actually drinking cocktails. It has taken six weeks but she finally had a drink. We also had dinner at the grill. After 9pm a band came on stage. They were ok so we stayed for a couple other drinks. After enough drinks and food to explode we came back to the room and passed out after a long day.




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