Final day in Europe – Day 37

We had planned to get up early for our final day in London. We sort of did. We slept in for an hour and got up at 0730. Today we were up early enough for breakfast at the hotel. It was nothing special. This time I had no problems with the hotel printing off the boarding passes.

We left the hotel and caught the train to Emirates Stadium which is the home ground for the Arsenal Football (Soccer) Club. We came here because we were looking for something to bring back the house sitter. Rhian said that this was her favorite team. After some research on her facebook page, Arsenal did not feature at all. Turns out her favorite team is Chelsea and Arsenal is her rival. Good work Rhian. So we left Arsenal and caught the train back in search of the Chelsea FC Megastore. An hour later we arrived and found a few things to bring back. Not telling what they are in case you tell Linda.

After getting nothing at the megastore because soccer is as much drama as WWE we caught the train across town to the Science Museum. You could easily spend a whole day here. There was so much. The space section was my favorite. However it got to 2pm and we were hungry. He had an expensive lunch at the cafe upstairs. After lunch we left and caught the train to the M&M megastore.

The train stop was Piccadilly Circus. One of the places mum said to go. Tick, done. The M&M store is awesome. It had M&M’s of course. No dad we didn’t buy you any. But they had everything else you can think of. We bought a couple of shirts, Magnet Stuffed toy and a blanket.

After the M&M megastore we caught the bus to 10 Downing Street. The home of the British Prime Minister. It is heavily guarded by police, two fences and then a road block. Have fun getting through with a tank. I thought you could actually walk the street but you can’t. The media must get special access to get the photos of him getting in and out of his car like they do.

After the photo stop we walked back to Trafalga Square. Another place mum told us to go. It seems little more than a meeting place. Next we walked down to the river to catch the bus to Canary Warf where we were going to meet my friend Carl. The bus came but it was not the normal London bus it was a coach. We had to pay for this as it didn’t take the Oyster card. We eventually reached Canary Warf and after some walking around found Carl.

We meet him at a pub called Cat and Canary. Was right on the board walk around the Warf. We stayed here for one drink then moved onto a mexican styled restruant for dinner. The food and the company was great. I told Rhian she would like Carl. I hope it doesn’t take as long to catch up with him again.

After dinner we said goodbye to Carl and caught the trains back to our hotel. This was our last day in Europe, UK and London. After reaching the hotel Rhian started to pack the suitcases with all our stuff while I as usual wrote blog posts. Tomorrow is an early start. We are getting up at 0315 to get organised for a 0430 transfer to the airport for our flight to Dubai.





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