Dubai – Day 43

Today I slept in. Rhian got up at 10am and went to breakfast without me. Turned out they had pancakes this morning and Rhian didn’t even come back to tell me. I eventually got up and figured I had missed breakfast so I didn’t even go downstairs. I waited in the room for Rhian and made a start on writing more blog posts. I spent until 1pm writing and finally publishing four days worth.

The only thing I wanted to do today is go to The Dubai Mall and see the huge aquarium. Over here a shopping center is called a mall. Every mall is named after something. We thought the Mall of the Emirates across from our hotel was large. This one is probably double if not more the size. It is located next to the Burj Khalifa building. It has a massive aquarium just after the main entrance. It is three stories tall and over 50m long. It has a 36m glass window spanning all three stories. Apparently it is the guinnes world record for the largest glass viewing window. Google it to find the specifics.

The aquarium has a tunnel running through the middle of it. A glass bottom boat that you can ride on the top and also an underwater zoo upstairs. Rhian and I bought tickets to see the whole thing. Was only about $35 AUD. We walked through the tunnel. At the start of the tunnel are where all the sharks hang out. The tank has over fifty sharks in it. I touched the glass as to rub the sharks belly. It didn’t try and break through to rip off my hand. After walking through the tunnel we went up to the top floor to go on the glass bottom boat ride. The ride on the glass bottom boat was kind of pointless. You don’t see all that much and I think the view from the public viewing areas is much better.

After the five minute boat ride we walked through the underwater zoo. They have a zoo on the top floor with all sorts of fish, penguins, crocodiles, sea otters. We got to watch a trainer feed the otters and make them do some tricks. One even painted a picture. Was a pretty crap picture. After spending over an hour in the underwater zoo and Rhian taking a few million photos on her phone we left the zoo for some lunch.

We had a good lunch at a chinese restraunt called Soy So Chinese. They had great Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup. After lunch we walked around the mall for a while but didn’t buy anything. By now it was around 5:30 and we went outside to the lake where the The Dubai Fountain is. We waited around the area until 6pm when the water show started. A five minute show runs every half hour until 11pm where music, lights and hundreds of jets of water put on a show. Some of the jets fire water up to 150m into the air.

After the show we caught a taxi back to the hotel again. We got changed and went for a swim in the hotel pool for an hour. After our swim we went down the the bar downstairs for a snack and some drinks. Again Rhian got stuck into the cocktails. After an hour and a half we came back to the room watched a Top Gear special then went to sleep.



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