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Fitness Monday

Today I have completed both the SPR Monday ride on my bike and a good Crossfit session.

Did not fair as badly as I expected this morning on the ride and it didn’t effect me too much tonight at Crossfit. I manage to set a new 1 rep max for my dead lift. 115kg That is a 20kg improvement over my last attempt. Plus in the WOD I finally got my man boobs to fully touch the wall doing wall walks.

The beer I am drinking is well earned tonight.

Video by Blair

Fitness Monday

Today has been an active Monday. I started my day at 0410 getting up and completed three laps of Kings Park UCI circut on the bike. That went ok. Stayed seated for the three laps. Nothing special. On a sad note it is the last time I will ride my Cinelli Strato frame.

Tomorrow I am taking the bike to Yas in order too strip down ready to send back overseas. Hopefully a new one comes back in its place. Don’t know what is going to happen. So My Melvin Star Oppy is possibly going to make a come back. I can’t afford another frame right now. So while the other is away we are going to try and move all the parts over to the old frame.

Week and a half ago I went for a try out session at a gym. Cindy has been going on about me going to a gym for as long as I have know her. Scott has been nagging me to come to Cross Fit for just as long. So a week and a half ago I went and did a try out. I stretched some mussel in my gut jumping on a box. Still living with that. I have done the two introduction classes and tonight had my first propper workout.

Well The others had a proper workout. I just sweated like a pig and was given my own set of baby activities to do. I am sure all had a good laugh at just how much I suck. Hopefully over time (sooner the better) I will build up strength and be able to do what everyone else can do. Feeling like jelly now and probably go to bed soon.