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The Mobile Landscape

Our mobile phones are so apart of our lives in the western world. Very few people do not have a mobile phone or tablet these days. Some people virtually live and conduct there entire lives online. From communicating with friends to doing the shopping. Some people even check what they have in the fridge via an app on their phone.

The below infographic illustrates our use of mobile devices to run our lives in the modern day.

Mobile APPeal


If your service sux then I am outta here

I have finally made the move and ditched Optus and have moved my mobile over to Telstra. I am on the same dollar value plan and get the same data allowance but have unlimited text. I just could not stand having optus have next to no Reception and very little 3g coverage.

On another note I went out for a few drinks last night. missed the early bird ride today but did manage to make the 7am ride. Was a good ride. Only just short of 60kms but was a solid speed so enjoyed it. Sin and I then went out for a big breakfast and tonight we are going out for drinks for Fionas Birthday.

Looking forward to a good night. Keeping busy and having great people around me makes all the difference right now.