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Bike fit Saturday and Sunday long ride

This will be three posts in one. Thursday night I had my bike fitting done at Glen Parker Cycles South by Stuart Passmore. Unsurprisingly I was told that my bike was too big for me. Not what i wanted to hear but knew it was coming. What does this mean? Bye bye bike and hello new bike. So if you are after a road bike contact me with an offer. Peter Mah is helping me build a new one.

It is stressful enough so that is all I want to say on that topic for now but getting a bike fit done us well worth it. Does seem to help set you up on your bike for the best possible ride.

Saturday I went on the main ride. Was not wet but because it had rained over night in turned people off and main one and two were merged.

Was a good ride though we rode in and out of the fog. Speed was up over 40kph on Benara road. Shaw and I got spilt from the pack stopping for a red light on coode st. We then waited for a rider who got dropped and helped him back to the bell tower. Shaw told me to smash it on the hill thru east Perth but he took pleasure in smiling as her cruised by near the top.

Sunday saw me getting up extra early to go pick my parents up in kalamunda and take them to the airport. I thought to myself as I drove up Kalamunda rode enjoy the climb in the car because in a few hours this is gonna hurt a lot more on the bike.

Arriving at the start around 6:45was a few people around and rocking up.even Mark S showed up today. I had no plan to get on the front before the climb up Welshpool but on the final 2kms before the climb I was on the front. Never mind at the base of the climb I was swallowed and spat out by the rest of the pelaton to start my picking off of any stragglers. As I caught Shaw and passed him he said “great way to demoralized me” I looked and him with a great big smile laughing on the inside.

He didn’t catch me back up. After reaching the top I consumed my red bull and a muesli bar. Short ride to Mundaring weir road where the chickens (SHAW + BLAIR) went left while the men and weak (me being the week) went right. Didn’t take long to loose sit of the pack but i don’t care my aim Is to finish and over time I will get better. Got to the regroup point and Peter asked if I was the last. My response which got a laugh “yes the sweeper is here”.

Eating my first power bar it was then the descent down to the Dam. Was so cool on the descent. The fog came out of no where and the car behind dropped back so I knew it was safe to use the whole lane. Descending over 50kph I needed the lane. I knew the fun would end soon and it did. Was a long lonely climb up to the next regroup but Just a few kms before the regroup in Mundaring I saw the rear light from another of the group and I finally had a rabbit to chase.I knew I wouldn’t catch them but it was the motivation I needed to push myself and get the pace back up to 29~30kph. At the regroup ate half another power bar.I found these power bars do help me get though these rides and is much better than waiting for a muffin at coffee.

Last climb of the day was Kalamunda road. Like I said hurt more on the bike than it did in the car a few hours earlier. I was in cruise mode now and just plugged away until I got to the top. Once at coffee skipped the muffin didn’t really want it.

Ride home I clocked 72kph down Welshpool. Much faster than last week. Split from the group on the way home to drop into my brother place. By the time I got home had ridden for almost 4:30 hours and covers 116kms.

SPR Sunday Long ride 25/6/2010

Well I said yesterday this would be a challenge and I am happy to report I finished it.

I wanted to leave home this morning without the winter jacket but my man boobs just would not let me do it. Rugged up I rolled out and down the street in the dark.

Felling better than yesterday and pockets full of power bars and red bull I felt I had more than enough to get me through today’s big ride. Arriving at Coode Street were already a number of others getting there act together. Was not the first for a change.

7am came and Peter gave the recount of what climbs we would be doing today. At this point I was still keen. I took off the winter jacket then thought about how it would be chilli in Guildford and so put it back on. Presidents address delivered we rolled out towards the hills. Ride out to the hills was trouble free. Paired up each took their turn on the front of the group before turning off. My turn came just before Midland which was good means I could get out of the way just before Greenmount.

Turning onto Greenmount the group went past me as always. Did not take long to take back Ivan and Steven. Sat on Ivans wheel for a little bit but realised I had more in the tank. Next up the road was Darryl. He has been kicking my butt lately but I know he hates the hills. However that was the last ducky I would catch. One rider ahead was my target and I slowly was catching them but without another few kms I had no chance. I thought about digging deep but was no point I had a long way to go today.

Arriving at the entry to John Forrest National Park I skulled the Red Bull from my back pocket and half a power bar. Climb one down. The riders doing the short course headed back down the hill as the rest of us headed into the National Park. It is a nice ride through the park but very rough. If you sit on the seat you get punched in the balls. Your bike feels like it is going to break in half. Well except for Peters because his frame is titanium. Probably why we go through here. Exiting the park we arrived at the base of the days second climb.

Again I fell to the back and looking at the road ahead I thought I am a fool. Dropped back through the gears and out of the saddle. climb up this second hill. Seemed to have a little bit of a rest halfway before rising again. I was now following Jeff and I we would ride alongside for most of the day from here on. Climb two tick.

From here we had a bit of a ride to Mundaring. We had a short stop at a deli so people could buy any supplies they needed before the next two climbs. From here I lead out with Mike B all the way to Mundaring. Crossing Great Eastern Hwy Peter told us where the next regroup point was. By my guess it was a long 15kms or so away. Jeff and I both got dropped on the way down to the dam. Was ok not fussed. You could clearly feel the change in temperature on the way down to the valley in front of the dam. The ride down to the base of the dam was short lift as the other side came up very quickly. it seemed to take no time at all to go past the car park on the other side of the the dam. Ice Cream van was not here yet but I did see him on his way further up the road. Jeff and I stuck together the entire way until the regroup. The hills peaked at 10% for a short period. That is according to Garmin. On the approch to the regroup point we saw Mike B and Gus came back looking for us but need not bother we were so close now. After a short rest and getting ride of another half of a power bar it was a nice decent down to the start of the last climb for the day.

Mundaring Weir Road. By now I really did not need my jacket but had not place to stash it. pockets were full. Sitting behind Jeff the cars queued up as we climbed Mundaring Weir. The car directly behind us was acting as an escort and not crossing the double white lines was good to see. The cars following was not so patient. Bugger them I say follow the road rules. Around halfway Jeff told me to go ahead. I seemed to have a bit still in the tank so I pushed past and must have pulled a 500m gap a least by the top of Mundaring but couldn’t see Jeff. The others had already gone to coffee so I headed there too.

On arrival some were staying some were going. Peter asked if I was staying and I said. “You think I’m silly. Did not ride all this way for nothing. I want my chocolate muffin” Short answer yes. Was so happy to have made this ride. Four climbs through the hills. Was very happy to have completed it. After coffee I found myself on the front of the group again and lead the way to Lesmurdie road. With help from my parachute jacket I had a horrible descent both down Lesmurdie and down Welshpool Rd. Someone mind as well been para-sailing off me because no matter how much I tried to be invisible the fastest I could descend was 54km/h.

One the flat the rest of the group was miles ahead. Approaching the lights at Tokin Hwy I could see the group already pulled over waiting at Wattle Grove primary. After getting a laugh for my description of my descent (excuse for being buggered) I lead out again with Peter sitting comfortably on around 30km/h. Started to struggle on the way to Vic Park so once I reached Vic Park I parted from the group and short cutted through east Perth to home. This meant one more bonus climb up past the police station.

Great ride this morning and would have to be up there as one of my best.

Tomorrows warmup challenge

With the 200km SPR challenge on on the 8th of August I am going to need a fair bit of pain in order to be ready for eight hours of it. So being the foolish man I am here is tomorrows ride.

According to the profile the worst of it is Greenmount Hill which is 6% grade. I have done this a few times before so that is ok. The others peak at around 4 ~ 5% grade. Should be able to manage this. Actually feel a little more confident now I have seen the profile.