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SPR Friday

Normally my favourite ride of the week. today was a struggle to get out of bed. However I forced myself. Once on the bike I just was not feeling it. Friday is a fun ride because the only tough section is the pass through Shelly. It is a hit-out from start to finish, today I just could not keep up. Within 1km to go I was done and had reached my max Heart Rate and had to wave people through and give up.

I hope I ride better tomorrow morning but I don’t even think I will get a descent meal before then.

Good week on the bike

After a few weeks of only doing one weekday ride a week, this week I managed to do three.

We had our largest group for the SPR Friday ride today. May have been the dry weather that got everyone out of bed. Was not all that special a ride but a group of us clearly broke away on Shelly and smashed it. I was hoping we were near the end and realised it was only the halfway point. Had a few more kms of pain to go.

The thought of giving up had not crossed my mind as this is what I do the Friday ride for. Once we reached the final sprint point everyone that was left sat up and threw in the towel. Looking back those that were not with us were not even in site and it took close too two kms before we had everyone back in the group at Willington.

Due to a harsh braking manouver we had a crash this morning with two riders going down. One unable to continue with broken spokes and I think a damaged frame. No one was badly hurt though.