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Solid ride this morning

Managed to pull off a solid effort over three laps of the Kings Park UCI circut this morning. I hate my slut of a bike I am riding but I showed it who is boss this morning.

I finished my laps with an average speed of 29.3 kph (from home) so was a little disappointed I didn’t set any new best times. However they are starting to come down slightly on this course.

Crossfit tonight so I will be one sore and buggered man for small ring Tuesday.

An easy week on the bike

Well depends what your version of easy is. In the last 7 days I only completed 294kms. Less than 300kms. I call that easy. That and the fact I had three full days off the bike.

I think it has been a good thing. After all the training in the lead up to last Sundays race a bit of a relaxing week was probably due. However rest is over it is all on again starting tomorrow. Next Sunday is the three dams challenge. 150kms through the hills. Honestly I am not looking forward to it and I won’t enjoy it. I hate hills but I know they are good for me.  So tomorrow I have four mean climbs ahead of me which finishes with Gooseberry Hill Road. (Peter your cruel)

Below is the map for next Sundays three dams ride.

Geoffrey Barry you have a lot to answer for and you better be on all these training rides with me this week putting in equal hard yards.