Our Weekend away

Well I am back much to your disapointment if you are reading this. Deal with it. Oh yeah and that girlfriend Kylie has arrived back with me also :(.

For those who do not already know myself and Kylie ventured down to the southern districts of WA to a country town named Pemberton. We left home at around lunch time which was a little later than we would have liked but thats only because we were keen to get going.

My concern was that I would get halfway from no where and trusty LIONSLAIR would crack the shits. Thankfully this did not happen. WE arrived in Pemberton after a short stopover in Bunbury for lunch.

We stayed with another couple Jamie and Daniel who are friends of Kylies.
Our accomodation was at Karri Valley Resort. Together did a wide range of activites while away.

Saturday morning we played a game of minigolf which I would have won if it hadn’t been for the last hole which did not at all agree with me. I racked up a pathetic 17 shots. For the record Kylie and I drew.

Following the minigolf showdown Kylie and I headed into Pemberton where we meet up with Jamie and Daniel. We spent the afternoon visiting wineries where collectively we bought 6 bottles of wine. I don’t drink wine so mine where for others but Kylie bought for herself and her mum :).

After having enough of the wineries we headed into Manjimup to solve an issue that was faced at the Resort, BORDOM!!!!

The accomodation had a TV, VCR and DVD player. However it cost $10 to hire a DVD and there was no TV reception which did not impress me as this weekend was the Australian Grand Prix and I was MISSING IT ALL!!!.

After dealing with this fact (Oh yeah no mobile reception or internet access did I mention that) we decided to purchase some DVDs from Coles because no where else in this town was open on a Saturday afternoon.

We walked out with two iced coffees three DVDs and six hot cross buns. We were buggered and headed back to the resort to relax and watch our new DVDs. Kylie cooked a BBQ for dinner while I chased the ducks around the lake taking photos.

Sunday morning. We slept in until 8am not that I minded as I never normally sleep in. After packing up and packing the car ready for the trip home we had two more stops to make before we headed back to Perth.

First stop was the Gloster Tree in Pemberton. This is a task I was sure would end in Kylie being carted away in the back of an ambulance. Lucky for her she didn’t. The Gloster Tree is a sixty one meter tree that has metal rods stick out of it enabling you to climb up the top and look at the view. So this we did. Only takes about around seven minutes to get up to the top platform. The view from the top was not very interesting. North, East, South and West is nothing but tree tops. Boring. I carried the camera up there so I firgued mind as well take some pictures. Will put some photos up soon so check the gallery.

Once we got back down to ground level we said good bye to Jamie and Daniel and headed another 130kms south to The Valley of The Giants which is the name given to some very tall trees. We took this hour and a half detour to what is called the Tree Top Walk. More info you say This is a suspended walkway 38 meters above the ground. All up it takes you ten minuts to walk. Again all you see is Trees, Trunks and not much more. This is not an activity is one for people who are not scared of heights. If you are don’t eat before because the platform flexes and sways. If your really unlucky it will also rain and ensure you leave dripping wet.

This concluded our weekend away and the only thing left to do was to make the four hour drive back to Perth.

I hope you enjoyed reading our recount of our weekend away.

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