Hong Kong Trip – Day 2

It is 11:56pm on Saturday night and by the time I finish this it will be Sunday morning. Today was spent shopping. From 9am until now.

I sleepted in this morning. I warned Bev I would have had such a long day and late nights all week preparing for this trip. We had breakfast at the Juice Bar downstairs. It is hard to believe we are not in a 5 star hotel because that is how the staff treat you. They are at every corner and always opening a door or there to carry your bags. A service which you would never get back home.

Our first stop for the day was the famous Stanley Markets. We caught the MRT (Mass Transit Railway) to Hong Kong then took a bus ride on from Hong Kong to the Stanley Markets. There were a few things there but nothing overly exciting. I bought a fake Holden Racing Team jacket for my girlfriend. Also bought some cheap socks but nothing overly exciting.

We left the markets around 3:30pm and headed back to the apartment on the bus. After a quick stop to drop off what we bought it was back out to the shopping malls. This is where I have now cracked open my wallet. Worst thing is I haven’t even started.

Bev and I stopped for dinner tonight around 9pm at an Irish Pub. A Soccer match between England and Jamacia was on. 4 – 0 England up at half time. Will assume that games was done and over by the time we left.

We were going to make our way back to watch the end of the match but there are many shops in between. Yes I bought some more items during the trip back also.

So here I am 12:10am on Sunday the 4th and like I said it would be Sunday by the time I finished writing this.

Until tomorrow for the next update good night.

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