Hong Kong Trip – Day 5

Today was a day off. Bev and I didn’t do anything of major mention today. Bev went off to a meeting this morning and so I stayed at the apartment to relax.

Once Bev returned from here meeting we caught the MTR (Mass Transit Rail) to a near by shopping center for lunch. No time for shoping as we needed to get back by four O’clock for the Samsung guy to come about the TV.

While waiting for the Samsung guy to come I wrote the newsletter for work. Once that task was finished we headed off to the Ocean Terminal shopping center for dinner at the same place we had last night.

Bev and I decided to walk back to the apartment from the shopping center as we did not really do much today. Was a good 15 minute walk under the Hong Kong lights.

Tomorrow we are off to Macau which is apart of China. I should have a lengthy story to tell after our visit there. I am also hoping to take many more photos tomorrow also.

Until then bye bye.

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