Hong Kong Trip – Day 6

What a great day. Where do I start I guess from the start of the day would be good.

Got up at around 8am today. I did wake at 5am to see the sunrise and said no way and fell back to sleep. When I eventually did wake up and got myself organized and ate breakfast it was out the door at around 9am.

Today our plan was to go to Macau, which is apart of China. So I needed my passport and other documents just like coming into Hong Kong from Australia.

We caught the First Macau Ferry from the Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong just near the apartment. The journey was roughly a sixty minute trip across the ocean to the harbor at Macau. We saw a lot of container ships and a number of other ferries also taking on their way to many other destinations. The hydrofoil boats look cool standing out of the water.

Once we arrived in Macau we again had to go through immigration and customs. This did not take long at all. After getting outside the terminal building we caught a taxi to a French restaurant Bev often visits when in Macau. On the way to the restaurant Bev asked the driver of the taxi to do a lap of the Macau F3000 racing circuit. The food at this restaurant was wonderful. The desert was very yummy. They shaped my chocolate moose into three small mice. I have taken a photo of this and added it to my gallery. See this link http://www.lionslair.net.au/user_imgs/482.jpg

After lunch we caught a taxi to the Macau Tower. We bought tickets to go up to the viewing platforms and take some photos. This was a great chance to take a few pictures. I quickly filled up my memory card and had to switch to my second one. There were two viewing platforms, an indoor and a outdoor. Both were enclosed only that the outdoor platform had no roof. Both had glass panels in the floor so you could look at the pavement over 233 meters below you. There was a bunch on Japanese tourist all wetting themselves and screaming like sissies about walking on the glass. The glass was so thick you could drop a tank on it and it wouldn’t have broken.

After taking photos from both levels of the tower Bev and I made our way to the base of the tower so that we could watch one of three people doing a sky jump from the upper platform of the tower. I have it on video and will put it up shortly.

After seeing all that there was to see at the tower Bev and I caught another taxi back to the ferry terminal. Bev decided that catching the Heli Express would be a good experience. This is a Helicopter ride from Macau back to Hong Kong. The journey takes only 16 minutes and costs a little more than the ferry but is well worth it for the experience.

This was great. Only wish it had gone for longer. Please see the link to watch the landing in Hong Kong. You will need Windows Media Player or another software application that will play MP4 files. Please click on the more information link below for the video of the Hong Kong landing in the Heli Express Helicopter. The file is 53megs. (Will put online when back in Australia)

After getting off the Heli Express and going through immigration and customs back in Hong Kong we made our way to the MTR and caught the train back to the apartment.

After releasing some items on the website and updating my shopping list Bev and I headed out back to the shops. We went out separate ways tonight so that each of us could cover some of our own shopping lists. I spent almost all the money I changed today at one shop on my family. They won out today.

After dinner at a near by Chinese restaurant Bev and I walked back to the Apartment. Today was a great day and the best one we have had here.

Tomorrow we are heading to Disneyland so looking forward to that. Should be another great story to post tomorrow night. Will try and take a lot of photos again. All will be up in my gallery when I get back to Perth.

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