Europe Day 2


I really hate to write this after just posting about the loss of our family dog Cheri. But I do want to keep a travel diary and Cheri is apart of it.

Our second day in Paris. The day started with showers when we got up and looked out the window (but eventually stopped when we departed) It was is our one and only and we were free to do what we wanted. We got up early as to not waste time. Some how we stuffed around enough that we ended up catching the bus into town without a plan. We got off the bus with a group of our tour and decided to just go with the flow.

We walked to the Lourve at which point our Europe sim card finally got activated and we had internet on the tablet. This was not a geek thing this is so we could look up information and find where the heck we were on google maps.

We visited a nunmber of the sights in Paris. We did not have time to go into any of the museums so we just took photos of the buildings. Rhian wanted to go to the Lourve, but there was already a big cue and we didn’t want to miss out on seeing other stuff. We also went to the bridge of love. This is a bridge that has thousands (and I mean a few million) of locks on the fence. I didn’t know about this so had not brought a lock. So we just used one off our bag and pretended. After we went to Notre Dame to take a look. On our way we found a little shop that had little Paris magnets. Rhian bought a photo frame.

Next we stopped for food at a cafe called “Le Dante” while working out how to get to the Moulin Rouge. We bought train tickets and took a series of trains to our destination just to take a few photos out the front. Some of the group including Rhian wanted to pee, so we went into a Starbucks and one person got water, so we didn’t have to pay. Next we took another series of trains back to the Effile Tower.

We did a bike tour around Paris between 3 and 6. We saw a man urinating and cheering to us as we went by, a lady in a wedding dress taking wedding photos, some either taking a photo shoot or recording of some sort (they had either setting up or finished) a police escort a black vehicle and a lady propose her boyfriend on the bridge during the bike tour….. he said yes.

After the bike tour we meetup with the rest of the group and had a picnic near the Effle Tower. At this point I was exhausted and had a headache so Rhian and I caught the train back to the hotel and I feel asleep.

Paris is a beautiful city. If we come here again, it would be worth staying here for a week, There is sooo much to see and do. We did our best in the 6 hours hours free time we had.

Au Revior




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