Corfu – Day 16

Free day today so you could get up and do what ever you wanted. However I got up in time to be at the buffet breakfast on time. Again the food was awesome. I had bacon, bake beans, frankfurts. Was awesome. After breakfast Rhian and I made the decision to pay the $83 euros and have the washing done at the hotel. It cost us about $118 Aus. But neither Rhian nor I could be bothered taking all our washing on the bus into the city to get it done. It would be cheaper but it was still a service where you drop it off and pick it up later.

After dropping our washing off we went the bus stop out the front of the hotel. We bought tickets at the shop up the road because they are slightly cheaper than buying them on the bus. The ride was very cramped and hot into town. Rhian and I walked around the town for a while looking in all the shops in the city. Rhian was like Matilda let of the leash. Darting from one shop to another.

We found one store where I bought a man bag to carry the tablet and other small things. Rhian bought a handbag a dress and some other stuff. We also found a nice Corfu magnet to add to the collection. We stopped for pizza and milkshakes at a cafe near the beach. We caught the bus back to the hotel and then chilled by the pool and had a swim. Rest of the afternoon was spent around the pool drinking and relaxing with others from our tour. Rhian then went of the the beauty salon across the road at the other hotel while I stayed around the pool with others.

I got some water stuck in my ear while swimming. I couldn’t dislodge it and after dinner I went straight to the room to rest. Hoping it would dislodge. Rhian put some ear drops in my ear which sort of helped but was painful. I got nauseous so I had a few hours of hell until I passed out. Rhian took of to go bowling across the road with the others again.

The water finally exited during the night but I was up a few time because of it. Rhian is in good health though. Hopefully when we leave Greece tomorrow I can leave my sniffly nose here too. I have not been ill until we arrived in Greece so hopefully it stays here.


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