Venice – Day 19

I woke up this morning felt ok. Rhian and I got ourselves organised and went down stairs for breakfast. I went to reception to buy a days WIFi pass then meet Rhian in the Breakfast room. Suddenly everything in the room begun to spin. This got worse and worse and I was also sweating like a pig. I went outside for some fresh air. This didn’t really help. After about five minutes I threw up anything that was in my stomach on the side of the road. I knew I was not going to get to see Venice today.

With the help of a couple of my tour buddies I stumpled up the stairs to the room. I felt like I had been drinking for a day. Could not balance and was stumbling all over the joint. I stripped off and layed on the bed. This is where I stayed for the next 24 hours. Even with my eyes closed the world felt like it was spinning.

The story of Venice is up to Rhian to tell because I didn’t see it.



Since Nathan was sick, I had a free day with out my lamb. Once I got Nathan to bed with the help of Jason and Tyler as I can’t carry Nathan I am not strong enough. (Since he was stumbling all over the place and me trying to get Nathan to the room as quick as possible) I got him settled, I was going to stay with him, just incase he wanted to go to the doctor but he wanted me to go and see Venice. I quickly got ready as everyone was waiting down stairs to leave. I left him with money, drinks, phone and tablet an left the key in reception if he left to go anywhere and told him to call me if he needed me and i’d come straight back. Then I departed for the day.

Its not a great feeling leaving someone who is sick. I was really worried about him. The only thing I could do is to watch him sleep.

Once I went down to reception, everyone was waiting for me. Krizsty gave me my bus pass with a reciept, just in case it doesn’t register with the swiper on the bus we had proof of purchase. Once we arrived at the busport we started with a walking tour. We walked and she pointed out churches and the best Gelato places to go in Venice. She also showed is the windows in Venice as they are unique to renassiance period of Venice. (see picture below). We went past the museum that has origional “perfect man” picture by Leonardo Davinci. Then we went to St Marc’s Square. Krizsty then told us a bit of history and then we went to a Lace demonistration. It is the only Lace school in Italy, (its a dying art) and the goverment subserdise it to keep it going. The demonstration was very quick. She just showed us how they do it on some work in progress items. They gave is a gift of a doylie with a flower pattened on it. I found it interesting. She spoke of the different styles and techniques used when making lace. It is very percise and takes a long time. Once that they showed us some items that we could purchase if we wanted to, and showed us the different techniques.

Once everyone got there purchases we left to go straight to a glass blowing demonistration which was around the corner. We went into a little room that was very hot. A man was waiting for us, I was in less than two minutes create a little 10 cm high horse. It was so quick. A lady that you couldn’t really hear was telling us about the process. After we went to have a closer look, it was pretty cool. After that she showed us to a room that had glass statutes and glasses, champane flute, animals all hand painted or class coloured. They were soo pretty and cool. Kelvin bought a glass eagle. Every thing is half price for us. I wanted to get a tea pot, cup and saucer set at $1100, but sadly I didn’t as its too $$ and I’d have to drag it everywhere and not break it. In the room you couldn’t take pictures. On the exit there was a glass guitar that I managed to be a shady lady and got a pic of it.

After that we had free time to do what we wanted. I checked in with Nathan if he wanted me to come back, but he was mostly sleeping. So some of the girls went to lunch Cathi, Kristy, Amy N, Asmaa and I went to an resturant called close to the square. I had a Margerita pizza and we all had bruchetta to start. The food was sooo nice, my pizza was relly nice it wasn’t too cheesy or tomatoee it was a great balance and the pastry was very thin. Best pizza I’ve had to date.

Once we ate we did some shopping. There soooo many places to shop, glad Nathan wasn’t with me, I didn’t have the winging and whining (he’s like a little toddler and he wonders why I get shitty and pissed off at him.) He will never go and do what he wants, hence he’s called Lamb, I’m Mary. We wondered through shops, we didn’t go to any churches or St Marks’s Campanille (Bell tower) or St Mark’s Basillica (Church) as I wasn’t that interested. When we were finished we made our way back to the hotel.

We got back around 4ish. I went and seen Nathan, he was asleep. I went across to a supermarket and got him some crackers and poweraid as there was no chemist around. I left him in the room and and went to reception and spent a couple of hours with Kristy. We had dinner at 8, so just before I went to check and see if Nathan was up to go to dinner. He stayed at the hotel. Dinner was a 10 minute walk dinner was a starter of spagetti Bolougnse, main was veal and potatoes and a red wine sauce that I didn’t like. Dessert was fruit and a scoop of gelato.

After I got back to the hotel with everyone I went to bed. Some of the others went out with the other Topdeck group to a pub that was a next door.





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